• 15 January 2021
  • Kathy Duong

Last updated on February 23rd, 2021

So, you’ve decided to get eyelash extensions, good choice. However, you either didn’t know that there are different styles you can choose from, or had a style in mind. Whichever it is, in this article you will learn how to choose the right eyelash extensions style and we’re here to help you workout what style you should go for.

Sometimes we can get a fixed idea in our minds over what style to go for, but sometimes what we want is not aligned with what actually suits us.Do you know how to choose the correct diameter, length, and curl for your lashes? Well, let me help by breaking it down for you!

Choosing the right diameter of your eyelash extensions

First, we will choose an appropriate lash diameter to start with. The correct diameter of lash extension to use is judged by the diameter of your natural lash! Remember, the goal is to match the natural diameter although there are a few scenarios where you might go slightly thicker than the natural. When doing lash extensions, the goal is to keep them looking natural as well as beautiful.

Choosing the right length for your lashes

Now obviously we are here to choose the best eyelash extensions, meaning the goal is to choose a longer length of lash. However, it’s not always a suitable look to go too long. Sometimes it needs to be just a subtle extension in length. Longer can appear more wispy whereas shorter ones that are much closer to the natural lash length will give them a much fuller and darker appearance.

SIDE NOTE: It is also important to determine whether or not your natural lashes can support the added weight of whatever you choose for these two options. Some people are lucky and have Hercules strength lashes, which can support virtually any lash style.

However, some are less lucky and have lashes that are not as strong and you don’t want to overload them so that even your natural lashes split or break. In the second instance, I recommend you wait to get lashes and in the meantime use a lash serum!

Choose Right Eyelash Extensions Style 1

It’s not always about the lashes that you want – sometimes it’s about the ones that suit your style

Choosing the right type of curl

This is the one that most of us have an in-built idea of what our lashes will be – usually curly. However, if your lashes are naturally straight, it’s not always the best to go for curly extensions. Here’s a basic breakdown of the style of curls:

  • J Curl– this is generally the lowest angle of curve and most closely resembles natural lashes. Not commonly used due to this but looks great for many naturally straight-lashed ladies.
  • B Curl– the basic curl shape, also gives a gorgeous natural look and is most commonly used for the inner corner of eyes to prevent the lashes from hitting the nose.
  • C Curl–  the most commonly used curl, which gives a noticeable and well defined, but not too heavy curl.
  • D Curl– the most visible and dramatic curl, gives the most lift and is very well suited to naturally curly eyelashes ladies.
  • L Curl– basically shaped just like the letter L, this is intended predominantly for those ladies with hooded eyes – however it is not necessarily limited to these women.
Eyelash Extensions curl

Here’s your essential curl style chart.

Material of lash used:

Basically here the main choice will be between synthetic lash extensions, or silk eyelash extensions. Silk gives a great natural look and is lighter and generally a touch thinner than synthetic. Synthetic lashes can give you a thicker, more voluminous look. Other options include mink eyelash extensions and the spreading option of cashmere eyelashes Sydney women are jumping on right now.

Remember, work with our beauty technicians to decide on the best style of eyelash extensions Sydney has to offer for you, with your natural look, preferences and intended outcomes.

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