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Last updated on September 17th, 2021

There is one question the team at Fancy Lash Australia are asked more than most, and that is, “can you wear false eyelashes with eyelash extensions ?”

Wearing false lashes over your eyelash extensions is not something we recommend based on our years of experience. This can seriously damage your eyelash extensions, as well as your natural lashes.

Having said that, in this article the top Australian lash expert share all of the following tips you should know about combining false lashes with extensions:

  1. Why you should in fact avoid doing this and the top-4 reasons,
  2. In case, for whichever reasons you want to do this, we will show you what happens once you combine false lashes with extensions,
  3. And last but not least, how you can do this.

So, let’s dive into this.

Why you should avoid false eyelashes with eyelash extensions

When wearing lash extensions, the primary issue with applying false lashes is the required adhesive that will seep out from under the lash band, ruining both your natural lashes and lash extensions. In addition, when you remove the false lashes, there is a high chance that you’ll pull off some of the lash extensions and your natural lashes.

So it may be tempting to go all out for that special event with both false lashes and lash extensions, but you are essentially wasting money on your lash extensions and ruining your natural lashes as well!

wear false eyelashes with eyelash extensions

A lash artist from Fancy Lash can help you find the right look with gorgeous lash extensions, so you can avoid dealing with sticky falsies.

4 reasons why you shouldn’t wear false eyelashes when you have eyelash extensions

Let’s dive into the top four reasons why we recommend you steer clear of wearing false eyelashes when you already have eyelash extensions:

1. False eyelashes damage your natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions

Removing false eyelashes will almost certainly pull out your extensions and natural lashes. Falsie glue is stronger than the grip the extensions have on your natural lashes. If you want to avoid a fill sooner than you were expecting, avoid the falsies.

2. The false eyelash glue is difficult to clean

Getting the falsie glue off your lash line is tricky and nearly impossible without rubbing your eyes. As those with lash extensions know, rubbing your eyes is a surefire way to damage your eyelash extensions. This means you’ll be stuck with the falsie glue for weeks – yuck!

3. False eyelashes weigh down your eyelash extensions

Adding a whole new set of lashes via falsies will get heavy. This is on top of the weight lash extensions already added. With extra weight, your extensions won’t be as fluffy or voluminous and may bend down into your eye. This weight can also lead to premature shedding.

4. You’ll be wasting money

The money (and time) you spent on your lash extensions is wasted if they break or are pulled out earlier than they should be. Plus, there is the extra money you will need to spend to fix your extensions after the removals of the falsies!

What happens if you put false eyelashes over your extensions?

We understand the appeal as adding false lashes to your extensions can create a seriously bold look. You’ll have powerful lashes that make an extreme statement. You just need to weigh up if this exuberant look for one evening is worth ruined lash extensions the next day…

How do you apply false eyelashes to eyelash extensions?

If you have decided to push on with falsies over your lash extensions, be sure to get the strip of the fake lash as close to the lash line as possible, avoiding any touching of the natural and extended lashes.

An extension-safe liner can fill in the gaps, camouflaging the strip, then brush the extensions and falsies together for a seamless look.

can you wear false eyelashes with eyelash extensions

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How can Fancy Lash help with your Eyelash Extensions?

If you do have a big night out, or a special event coming up and want to look your best, we can help. Avoid the need for mascara or eye makeup and opt for natural, stunning fake eyelashes applied by an experienced lash technician.

Our team has been helping the people of Australia to look their best with the finest lashes in Sydney for years. Book an appointment in our stylish salon today and let us boost the look of your eye area with some stunning lashes.


Do you have more questions? You may find the answers below or can contact our expert team at any time.

Can you wear strip lashes on top of eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can wear strip lashes over your eyelash extensions, however, it is not recommended. This can damage both the real and fake individual lashes when it comes time to remove the falsies.

Will eyelash extensions ruin my lashes?

No, when applied by a skilled lash technician, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. The team at Fancy Lash ensure the correct levels of care when giving your lashes a boost, protecting your natural look in the process.

What makeup can I wear with eyelash extensions?

One of the benefits of eyelash extensions is that they remove the need for eye makeup. However, those who want a little boost can opt for oil-free mascara, eyeliner and other options. We recommend chatting with a make-up artist to find the right look for big events!

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