• 15 December 2020
  • Kathy Duong

So, you’re getting married and you’ve got to be as beautiful as you’ve ever been. You’ve got your wedding dress, your shoes, your hair, nails, makeup and tan. But what about your eyelashes?

You want to bring attention to your eyes, but you don’t want your mascara to smudge or to look cheap. So, you’ve started to consider getting eyelash extensions.  Let us run through some of the Fors and Againsts for getting eyelash extensions before your wedding day.


  • One of the best advantages to getting lash extensions is that they will last a few weeks and you can be honeymoon ready as well.
  • You can wake up on the wedding morning, and you will be ready to go eyelash wise already. This can make a massive difference to your scheduling – as makeup and hair can take several hours!
  • You’ll even feel more confident even without wearing any other makeup so this is a time saver too for your honeymoon and everyday life.
  • Crying happens at weddings – sweating often can too…with lash extensions you won’t have to worry about smudging.
  • Lash extensions are aesthetically more attractive generally than mascara too – plus no oils or waxes need to be used.
  • Extensions will all be made from vegan materials, meaning you can feel assured.
  • Let’s be honest, this is the biggest one. Extensions offer the best look for your lashes – and the most important part of the wedding is that YOU look amazing!


  • Some people consider it to be more difficult to apply makeup with extensions. Whilst you do need to take care when applying concealer so you don’t “white out” your lashes, everything else should be fine. Powders from eyeshadow can fall on your lashes as well so if you’re not confident in cleaning them off, then this could become a concern for you. This can be solved by applying micellar water to a lash brush and brushing them through – they’ll clear right up in no time.
  • Price is a concern for some too – as there is a cost involved.Great lashes
  • aren’t always cheap, and cheap lashes aren’t always great! If you want to use them continually, then you need to be aware that they last for 2-4 weeks on average, and means there will be a cost in that timeframe too.
  • Fairly delicate care with your lashes will be required. Usually the first 48 hours you can’t get them wet too. If you don’t take this care, you may not just ruin the extensions before your wedding day but also possibly your own natural lashes. Lashes need to be cleansed regularly with specific lash shampoo from your technician and brushed daily.
    • Try to avoid rubbing your eyes too hard, if you go for a swim in a chlorinated pool or the saltwater sea, make sure to splash your eyes with freshwater/ in the sink to clean them out.
    • Remember that you have them in when you get out of the shower and towel your eyes gently.
    • Also, look into a silk or satin pillowcase and not use feather pillows to avoid snagging.
eyelash extension wedding day

With lash extensions, you can be safe to get emotional as much as you need without fear for smudging

If you haven’t already made your mind up, let me summarise: for not too large a cost, and for a little bit of care, you will have beautiful, luscious eyes with minimal day to day effort. You will have the option of doing your other makeup around it, with no smudging and can laugh and cry freely all day long, whilst still looking absolutely stunning for your honeymoon.

Not to be too cheeky, but this seems like a no-brainer to me!

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