All lash appointments require a booking fee to hold your appointment which is NON-REFUNDABLE if cancelled within 24 hours or 15 minutes late.

Please arrive on time with clean lashes free of makeup and mascara to maximise lash time. We run on a strict time schedule so if you are running late you risk less lashes in the remaining time and expected to pay the full service fee.

Touch-ups are based on having minimum 30% lash extensions remaining. If you experience excess loss and require more lashes to reach a full set you will be notified of the cost before commencing service and providing time permits.

All new clients are suggested to arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill out the following forms or have forms filled out ready to bring to their first appointment to save time.

Due to the size of our room and the relaxing, safe and hygienic services we wish to offer we are unable to accommodate pets and children.

Please note that any reactions to eyelash extensions are unforeseeable and can happen to anyone at anytime at no fault of the technician or product. We can NOT offer a refund if it will be issued for reactions. However we advise you contact us immediately so we can assist you as quickly as possible by offering a FREE removal of the extension.

We have up to 3 days to get back to Fancy Lash if you are not happy with your lash extension. We will perform a corrective touch up. If you are still not satisfied with your lash extension after the touch up, we will refund your money.