Cashmere Eyelash Extensions
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Cashmere eyelash extensions are a mid-weight style of lash extension that is a finer coarse and more flexible than other blends. They are made from PBT material and are tapered finer at the end, making them more pliable than an acrylic lash.

The feel of silk is extremely comfortable to the point where you won’t even notice you are wearing them. They are softer and more permeable, lasting slightly longer than synthetic lashes. A primary advantage of cashmere lashes is that they can look both natural or glamorous.

As they are lighter in weight, they are the perfect choice if your natural lashes are weak or delicate and look more natural amongst your actual lashes. Available in a variety of curls styles and lengths, those after a stunning natural look will love this option. Glamour sets are very popular for brides who are looking to make a real impact on their big day.

The benefits of
Eyelash Extensions

The lash extensions specialists at Fancy Lash are experts in everything cashmere lash related. Want to do away with any need for mascara? Our eyelash extensions can do that, saving you a significant amount of preparation time! You also no longer need to curl your lashes!

Our cashmere eyelash extensions fall out naturally providing full impact for about three weeks with total removal in four to six weeks. You can have a touch up appointment at the three week mark to ensure your lashes look amazing all the time!

Cashmere Eyelash Extensions
Your eyelash extensions
are in safe hands…

Fancy Lash clients trust our team of lash technicians who are highly trained in finding the right solution for your desired look every time. If our cashmere eyelash extensions don’t do the trick, we’ll find the set that will from one of our many other products.

The lash application process that we have refined over many years offers everything from a natural look to an impactful glamour look while maintaining the health of your natural lashes. If you are a new client, you’ll receive a $130 deal for our cashmere eyelash extensions as a welcoming gift!

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Our beautiful boutique is a haven for pure relaxation and a refreshed new look. Our modern and trendy atmosphere is more than just a place for eyelash extensions, it’s a spot to revitalise and freshen up your look. We’re here to provide a new feeling that will have people turning their heads when you walk past them on the street!

A visit to Fancy Lash is made easy with extendable appointments, affordable pricing, and longer lasting lashes via the most relaxing salon experience available thanks to our pain-free application process.

Speak to us about our wide range of lash options which includes Russian Volume eyelash extensions and more. Our team provides high attention to health and safety standards via our fully-insured salon so a safe and pleasant experience is always assured!

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We have a skilled team who are on-hand to chat about your new cashmere eyelash extensions to enhance your eyes today and provide you with a more youthful look!

Once you try our cashmere eyelash extensions, and see how quick and easy getting ready is, we know you’ll want it to be a permanent part of your aesthetic. Come and see us for your new look today!

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