Mink Eyelash Extensions
The Finest Mink Eyelash
Extensions Sydney Can Offer

Mink eyelash extensions are made from sanitized mink fur and offer a more natural appearance that also has the benefit of not being as heavy as other synthetic eyelash extensions. For those who are looking for larger and more noticeably defined looking eyes, mink eyelash extensions may be the best option for you.

Mink eyelash extensions are a great way to speed up your morning preparation process as they negate the need to apply eye makeup. These lashes will handle the whole task of making your eyes look well defined.

The benefits of Mink
Eyelash Extensions

The lash extensions specialists at Fancy Lash will not only ensure that you no longer have a need for mascara, but mink eyelash extensions also remove the need for you to curl your eyelashes. We recommend that during the first twenty-four hours after receiving your new mink eyelash extensions; you avoid going in water, rub your eyes, or shower; after this though, all normal activities will be totally fine!

Mink eyelash extensions will also fall out naturally! They are glued to each eyelash, and as your eyelashes naturally fall out, the mink extensions will also drop off. The extensions will often last for about three weeks with complete fall out in four to six weeks. We recommend a touch up every three weeks to maintain the most optimal look for your lashes.

Mink Eyelash Extensions
Pop into Fancy Lash for a new
look and a relaxing experience

We love to welcome new and existing clients into our beautiful boutique. We’ve designed it to be modern and relaxing so you can enjoy the atmosphere along with new, amazing-looking eyelash extensions. We’re here to provide the right look and eyelash extensions for you; we promise you’ll leave feeling new again!

Some of the other benefits of a visit to Fancy Lash include:

  • Extendable appointments if required
  • Affordable pricing
  • Longer lasting lashes
  • The most relaxing salon experience
  • Pain-free application process
  • Deals on infill packages
  • Fully qualified and accredited Eyelash and Brow Technicians, specialising in Brow Shaping, Classic and Russian Volume eyelash extensions
  • Great attention to health and safety standards
  • Fully-insured

Trust an experienced team
with your eyelash extensions

There is a reason why so many people return to see our team of lash technicians at Fancy Lash. They are highly trained and know exactly which solution will provide the right look for you; be it our mink eyelash extensions or one of our many other products.

Our lash application process can give you a natural look while also ensuring that the health of your natural lashes is maintained. We also offer $30 off mink eyelash extensions for any new client!

Speak to Fancy Lash about mink eyelash extensions

You can book an appointment via our team who are on-hand to chat about your new lashes. Mink eyelash extensions will dramatically enhance your eyes providing a brighter and more youthful look!

You deserve to treat yourself with something that will make you look good, and in turn, feel good! Enjoy the comfort of mink eyelash extensions with their weightless and smooth feel. You may well find, as many of our clients do, that once you go with eyelash extensions, the ease of getting ready and this beautiful new look, becomes a permanent part of your aesthetic. People often wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. So don’t wait, come and see us today!

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