When you want to make a serious statement with your look, volume eyelash extensions are the way to do it. The team at Fancy Lash can provide full, luminous lashes via volume lash extensions that will make people notice your incredible new look.

For those looking to achieve more fullness in their lashes, volume eyelash extensions will increase the depth and impact of your lashes; perfect for those with fine or thin eyelashes.

If you notice and are bothered by the gaps between your sparse natural lashes, Volume Lash Extensions provide a darker and more lavish look. The best part? They are ready to go as soon as you wake up, which means you don’t have to spend time applying makeup and messing around with mascara!

Dark lashes have you looking fabulous all-of-the time.  And the high-quality products applied by the team at Fancy Lash are long-lasting, so you can enjoy your new look for large amounts of time before needing a top up!

Most people who opt for the classic eyelash extensions, are looking to add length to their lashes while creating a slightly darker colour. Volume Lashes take this idea one step further and add fullness to the eyelash. This is often the path that people who are hoping to improve the texture and volume of their lashes will choose.

When it comes to adding volume to your lashes, a gentle balance is required. Our experienced team at Fancy Lash will help determine an appropriate amount of volume that your natural lashes can handle, so to not become damaged in any way. Extra volume does not need to mean an obviously fake look, and we work to keep a natural sense with all of our looks!

There is no pain or discomfort during the application process. At Fancy Lash, we provide every customer with;

  • Extended appointments
  • The delivery of perfect services every time
  • Longer lasting lashes
  • A relaxing salon experience
  • No pain during application
  • Deals on infill packages
  • Fully qualified and accredited Eyelash and Brow Technicians
  • Experts in Brow Shaping, Classic and Russian Volume eyelash extensions
  • High attention to health and safety standards

The application of Volume Lash Extensions is pain-free and very simple. Our team will add anywhere from two to eight extensions to each of your natural lashes. This creates a significant amount of volume. The best part is that our lashes are lightweight, so you'll hardly notice that you are even wearing them!

We can customise a look to suit the style you are going for with anything from broad, medium or narrow looks. Anything is possible with the skilled team at Fancy Lash who can deliver all of this in the relaxing atmosphere of our cozy salon.

One of the questions we’re asked regularly about eyelash extensions is about the difference between silk and mink eyelash extensions. Having used these materials for years, we’re very familiar with the features of each material and why you might choose one over the other.  

You don’t have to worry about choosing which material at your appointment – Our lash technicians are trained in a range of styles and can help you find the best look for your features. Lash extensions help to emphasise the natural beauty of your eyes, and with Fancy Lash on the job, you’ll have a well-suited look to your unique aesthetic every time. 

  • Silk lash extensions: semi-gloss finish, heavier than faux mink lash, provides a dark full finish. 
  • Faux-mink lash extensions: semi-matte finish, provide a soft natural look. 
  • Cashmere lash extensions: lightest lash, dramatic black finish, 70% off the weight of faux-mink lashes 

All of our lashes are vegan and cruelty-free!

Most eyelash extension adhesives have a bond time of anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  However, they will only last as long as your natural lash does.  Like all hair on the human body, your eyelashes grow in stages. It is normal to lose 1-3 natural lashes per day which is why a fill is recommended every 3 weeks. 

When applied correctly, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lash. Certified lash artists will apply to only one natural lash, and will apply an extension that is the appropriate weight and length to ensure the integrity of your natural lash. Eyelash extensions can be damaging if your lash artist is not using proper techniques. Lashes that are too heavy, or clusters (pre-made fans) have a larger amount of adhesive and can cause your natural lash to break. When selecting your lash artist, ask which techniques that they use and where they were certified. This will aid in maintaining healthy natural lashes and enjoying the benefits of extensions. 

Yes, you can! However, it must be an oil free mascara that is extension safe.  This will make it so your mascara does not interfere with the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive or cause early separation. Therefore, we don’t recommend wearing mascara with your eyelash extensions. 

You most definitely can wear make-up with your eyelash extensions.  When selecting makeup, it is beneficial to go with extension safe make-up.  Extension safe makeup is oil free, usually contains sealers to prolong extension life and helps to work adjacent with your extensions for an optimal look.  If you use regular make-up, it is recommended to use a daily cleanser with make-up remover that is safe for your lashes to remove residue at the end of the day.

You should always follow the guidance given by your lash technician regarding aftercare. Your lash artist is very experienced and will know how you can make the most out of your extensions and you should therefore follow their advice. 

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure and therefore they will shed and fall out overtime and you will need an infill. Eyelash extensions last on average between 2 – 4 weeks depending on the person, this is because everyone’s natural eyelashes grow and shed and different speeds. However, if your extensions seem to be falling out in clumps or prematurely it could be because of the following factors; you have got your lashes wet before 48 hours after you had your lashes applied (for example, by washing your face, showering or swimming). You’ve been in a hot environment which has damaged the glue bond between your real lashes and your extensions (such as in hot weather). You’ve been in a steamy environment within the 48 hours after having your extensions applied (such as a shower, bath, steam room etc.). 

Many people get into the habit of picking and pulling at their extensions, this causes your extensions to fall out prematurely and damage you real eyelashes. You should avoid touching your extensions as much as possible and only touch them to brush through them to prevent them becoming matted, tangled or a mess. 

Another reason why your eyelashes extensions may be falling out prematurely may be due to using products such as skincare, makeup and makeup remover that contains oils. If you haven’t heard this already, oil is eyelash extensions worst enemy. This because the oils brake down the glue bond and therefore your extensions will fall out prematurely and even in clumps. Just avoid oil-based products at all cost if you want your extensions to last! 


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