What are the benefits of brow shaping,
waxing, and tinting in Chatswood?

Perfect eyebrows can make a look complete, and at Fancy Lash, we ensure complete symmetry and style when shaping your brows. Our specialists ensure that your brows' threading, shaping, and plucking are expertly executed to reveal your perfect look.

The perfect brow shape is possible and easy thanks to the team at Fancy Lash. Simply call our Chatswood Salon on 0420 907 801 or book online to achieve brow hair that works in harmony with your facial features today.

When your brow hair is waxed, tinted or shaped by a professional at Fancy Lash, you'll enjoy an enhanced and more natural-looking result, along with the following benefits:

  • You'll save time on your morning makeup routine
  • Experience a better match for your hair colour and skin tone
  • Your brows will enhance your face shape
  • You'll enjoy a confidence boost, thanks to your new look

Which eyebrow shaping, wax and tint method is the best?

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With expert eyebrow shaping from Fancy Lash, you’ll enjoy a natural shape that enhances your look.

There are three primary brow care methods available, as follows:

  • Threading: This ancient Persian technique removes brow hairs by twisting a loop of thread around them to avoid pulling or stretching of the skin (this method must be performed by a professional).
  • Waxing: This method involves spreading a thin layer of wax over the unwanted hair followed by a cloth strip which is pulled off in a rapid motion to remove the hair. This option creates defined arches and a curved look around the brow bones.
  • Plucking: Tweezers are used to remove individual hairs from the root; a great option for shaping or maintaining your brows at home (a quality pair of tweezers Is required).

Depending on the look you are hoping to achieve with your eyebrow wax, the experts at Fancy Lash can help you find the right hair removal and brow shaping method.

How much does the Natural Brow Wax,
Tint & Shaping in Chatswood cost?

Achieving the ultimate brow look is easy and affordable at Fancy Lash. Our waxing services start as low as $15, and we can offer exact pricing once we know more about the look you would like. The finest eyebrow tinting Chatswood can access doesn’t need to cost the earth thanks to Fancy Lash!

Why Fancy Lash is the best choice for brow wax,
tints and eyebrow shaping In Chatswood

For the perfect brow wax, tints and eyebrow shaping, Chatswood residents turn to Fancy Lash as our appointment times run for as long as necessary to achieve amazing results.

The fact there is no rush, along with our great pricing and fully qualified and accredited technicians, you'll leave looking and feeling your best. We closely follow all health and safety standards via our fully-insured Chatswood NSW location. Come in for a calm and relaxing experience that has you looking your best every time!

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Natural beauty is easy with our
eyebrow shaping and tinting.

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