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Last updated on October 13th, 2022

Can you wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

How to look fabulous when wearing makeup and eyelash extensions?

Or how do you apply makeup when wearing extensions?

That ain’t easy.

So, these and other questions you will find answered in this article about makeup tips and tricks for eyelash extensions.

Having said that, let’s dig in!

Why would you need makeup tips for eyelash extensions?

Having eyelash extensions certainly has its perks; they make it easy to keep your lashes long lasting, looking thick and full of volume at all times so you can pull off a no-makeup makeup look, even when you’re actually wearing no makeup!

Despite how well they transform your natural lashes, there are some circumstances when you want to go that bit extra in terms of makeup and your overall look. And in some cases, it could be tricky to pull-off both.

clever makeup tips for eyelash extensions

Most good eyelash extensions won’t need eye makeup as they already look great!

So what are the rules on how to do makeup whilst both protecting your eyelash extensions AND making yourself look fantastic?

Can you wear makeup when getting eyelash extensions?

You don’t want to have makeup on at the time that you’re getting your extensions done, as this can sometimes make it harder to get right.

Sometimes the oils from your makeup can mix with small amounts of sweat (especially under the lights) and if this runs into your eyes, it can prevent the lash extensions from glueing with your natural lashes. You can wear makeup once you have the eyelash extensions though!

Tips for applying eye makeup without ruining your lash extensions

Avoid Oil

As mentioned above, sometimes the oil can cause the glue in your extensions to break down, and therefore your great new lash extensions to fall out. Avoiding oils doesn’t just mean in your makeup product itself, but also your remover needs to be oil free as well.

For that matter, avoid cream based facial products

Try to avoid creams on your face as much as the oils. This goes for facial moisturisers where possible too. They have a fairly similar effect on your lash extensions as oils do – and can clog your eyelash extensions up, ultimately weakening the glue.

Avoid Mascara

Even though it has probably been a part of your routine for a long time, and it is tempting to make your lashes look even fuller than ever, mascara can make some fake lashes clump together and weaken/ fall out. It’s just not necessary either, given your lashes already look great! If you must wear mascara though, perhaps try only applying to your lower lashes.

Avoid Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup requires extra effort to remove at the end of the day – the trick to eyelash extensions is wear makeup that can be gently removed.

Comb Through your lashes with a spoolie daily

This should be done in the mornings due to the fact that lash extensions can have the tendency to crossover each other and sometimes get tangled. Very lightly comb the lashes with a spoolie to straighten them out, taking extra care not to tug. Another way to care for your lashes every day is to use an eyelash extension conditioner.

What type of eyeshadow can you use?

Eyeshadows with a sparkly base can cause irritation to the eyelid margin. Make sure powder and glitter don’t get trapped in your extensions by using a tight-bristled eyeshadow brush and removing excess powder from your brush before application.

Use a powder based liner

As mentioned earlier, you should know that your eye-liner needs to be oil-free, but what else should you look for? Liquid and cream liners can build up on your lashes and tug at your eye during application, so a better option is a powder eyeliner.

clever makeup tips

Some people will still want to apply makeup to go with their eyelash extensions

Makeup Tips for your Eyelash Extensions

So, now that you’re more clued into how not to damage your new lash extensions, how about how to wear makeup with eyelash extensions? And what makeup products are suggested? Think about these options when applying makeup. Let’s see the 5 best types of makeup.

1.   Eyeliner

As a rule of thumb, don’t use pencil eyeliner for the simple reason that pencils can tangle your eyelashes when you draw over your eyelid. It’s always best to use powder eyeliner, that is oil-free and not waterproof. One of the best powder eyeliners for eyelash extensions is the Tightline Cake Eyeliner. Despite its powdery material, it’s actually very easy to apply.

2.   Mascara

When you have eyelash extensions, you really shouldn’t need mascara. The extensions already provide your lashes with more volume and length. However, some people still choose to use a little mascara on their lashes. As we already suggested, maybe only apply mascara to your lower lashes to avoid clumping.

Do not let mascara ruin your nice new lashes, try to avoid tubing mascara, which will end up sticking to your fake lashes, making the mascara difficult to remove. The Xtreme Length and Volume Mascara was created specifically for eyelash extensions.

3.   Eyeshadow

When you apply eyeshadow, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t get caught in your lashes. To prevent this, use a tight-bristled brush rather than a loose one. This will help prevent any loose particles from straying into your lashes. Also, it might be helpful to shake off the excess powder from your brush before applying it. When you apply, tilt your head upwards to prevent the powder from falling into your eye. Tarte eyeshadow pallets don’t contain any oil and are the perfect eyeshadow for eyelash extensions.

4.   Primer

Primer helps your makeup stay on longer. However, many primers contain oil that can ruin eyelash extensions. Try to use oil-free primers wherever possible. Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Eye is a great option for people with eyelash extensions.

5.   Concealer

Last but not least, your concealer must not contain any oil either. A soft matte complete concealer is a great option.

clever makeup tips for eyelash

Avoid using mascara, especially tubing mascaras.

So now you have your tips on eyelash extension makeup, give us a call today and book your extensions in with us!

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