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Last updated on May 30th, 2021

Ladies like myself who have short, arrow-straight, or stick-thin lashes consider false eyelashes the best thing since sliced bread…or rather, mascara. It’s a perfect option for those of us too busy conquering the world to apply mascara each and every morning. A 2-hour-long session once every 5 weeks or so with a lash technician will have your lashes looking thick and luscious in no time.

But, as with everything, they won’t last forever. Which leaves us to answer the question, how to make false lashes last longer?

How to make false eyelashes last longer

False eyelash maintenance is the be all and end all of extending the longevity of your lashes. The more effort you put into the upkeep of them, the longer they will last.

So, here are 9 quick tips on how to make fake lashes stay longer.

false eyelashes last longer

Prevention is always better than cure – get the most out of your false lashes by getting the right ones from the get go

1.   Ask your technician for lighter false lashes

The thicker the lash extensions, the heavier they tend to be. The range that tends to last well fits in the 0.07 mm to 0.15 mm range.

2.   Choose lash extensions that fit with your natural lash shape

One of the most important methods on how to make false eyelash extensions stay longer, is to begin with choosing the right extensions in the first place. For example, if your lashes are naturally dead straight, and you go for curly extensions, it can increase the chances of them falling off prematurely. If you do have straight lashes and want them to be curly, you can buy a lash curler.

3.   Avoid heat, water, and steam for the first 2-3 days

The first 2 days are the most important – you don’t want the glue’s bonds to start breaking down too early. So if you’ve just had your eyelashes done, avoid swimming in the ocean, or catching some minutes in the sauna at the gym for a couple of days.

make eyelashes last longer

Avoid this place for the first 2-3 days if you want your lashes to last longer

4.   Be careful around your eyes

Use of oily or creamy products on your face and around your eyes in particular may make you feel better, or plump up your skin, but they do not do much for your lash extensions, apart from speed up their demise. The oils and creams react with the bonding glue that is used to attach the lashes to your natural ones, breaking it down faster and ultimately, leading to your lashes falling out. You can still use them, but avoid them around your eye area.

Another thing to avoid here is rubbing or scratching your eyes. Be careful also when you dry your face with a towel after a swim or a shower. Try dabbing movements on your face rather than rubbing.

5.   Don’t use waterproof mascara, or if possible, any mascara

I understand that sometimes, even despite having fake lashes which give you a semi-permanent “wow” look, there is still a temptation to use mascara. Where possible, you should avoid this as they can gloop and clump and make your false lashes stick together. This is exacerbated even further with waterproof formulas, which take a little bit more rubbing to remove, and as mentioned before, this can spell disaster for your fake lashes.

If you really must use mascara, and still want to know how to make false eyelash extensions stay on longer, then try only applying mascara to your lower lids, and not the upper lids.

eyelashes last longer

Try to avoid using mascara, but if need be, lower lid only

6.   Try to sleep on your back at night, or get a satin or silk pillowcase

Bad news for stomach sleepers, but this can put more pressure and allow for more rubbing of your lashes throughout the night. Either try sleeping on your back or on your side at a push.

Or failing all of that, get yourself a pillowcase made with satin or silk material. This is a more slidy, less tuggy type of material. I would also avoid feathered pillows where possible too, as these are liable to having the feathers poke out and can even scratch – not a good combination with false lashes!

7.   Use a more gentle face wash, and an oil free makeup remover.

Of course, avoidance of touching your eye area is the best way to get more life-span from your false lash extensions. If you do have makeup, and in particular eye makeup, then use a mild, low-alkaline soap and always use an oil-free makeup remover, like one that Cetaphil produces.

8.   After having a shower, blow dry your false lashes

Make sure it’s on the coolest, and lightest setting on your blow dryer. But this is an excellent way to not touch your eyes, or rub, whilst getting them to dry quickly. You can then lightly brush them down and out, helping them to keep growing in the same direction.

how to make eyelashes last longer

Blow drying your eyelashes after getting them wet is better for them than using a towel

8.   Try to avoid touching/playing with them

I know it can be tempting to touch them a lot, or play with them. But this is a surefire way to wear them down quicker, and make them more likely to fall out.

Hopefully you find these tips useful and get the most out of your new eyelash extensions! If you need any other tips, like how to remove your makeup without damaging your extensions, or whether you should get extensions before your wedding day, check out our website!

Trust the professionals and book in your appointments with Fancy Lash to keep your lashes looking magnificent permanently!

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