• 31 January 2021
  • Kathy Duong

Last updated on October 13th, 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to have long, full, dark, and beautiful eyelashes without the need to lump on three layers of mascara, then you’ve probably at least considered semi-permanent eyelash extensions, a trend that has sprung up over the past few years to respond to that exact wish.

Going one step beyond false lashes, these lashes last for weeks. And whilst the trend has become big amongst celebrities, big city lifestyles, you might still have some concerns safety, cost, comfort, and overall process. To help you work out which option is better – eyelash extensions vs mascara, we want to take a look at the pros and cons.

eyelash extensions vs mascara

How real do these eyelash extensions look? Gorgeous!

First off, what is mascara? For anyone still unsure about this: mascara is an eye makeup product intended to enhance the appearance of the eyes by thickening, lengthening, and usually darkening the eyelashes. They are usually applied with a brush. They contain ingredients, some of which have come under increasing scrutiny both due to the nature of them and due to possible long term health effects.

On the other hand, extensions are longer term but they are false lashes made of different materials that are hand-glued on top of your natural lashes. Because lash extensions are glued on individually, unlike strip lashes, they’re generally customisable and can actually look real.

How to Choose Which is Best For You?

So, now that we know exactly what we are talking about, how to decide which is better – eyelash extensions or mascara?? We will have a look at a few different factors – it’s up to you to decide which is more important and will look good on you.

Convenience Factor : Eyelash Extensions Wins

So on the one hand, we have a once in a 5-6 week treatment, and on the other hand a daily application that you need to spend cumulative hours and hours applying every day…this is an easy one – lash extensions win here. The salon experience is also great for us ladies who want to feel pampered every now and then!

Cost Factor: Mascara Wins

When it comes to choosing between mascara vs eyelash extensions, the cost is generally a no brainer too. An eyelash extension can cost from $130 upwards each treatment. Mascara can cost between $10-$100 depending on brand and whilst many say they can get 3-6 months out of that, due to the chemicals I wouldn’t advise more than about 2 months before changing.

Health Factor: Eyelash Extensions Win

Eyelash extensions are made from a variety of materials like silk, hybrid, or other – and can be made to fit with your body to avoid issues. The primary source of concern is the glue to hold them onto your natural lashes. Some older techniques used chemicals containing things like formaldehyde which is generally not great for your health! More recently, however, plant based chemicals have been used and it’s much safer.

Mascara can contain a variety of chemicals, with some brands producing safer mascaras but there has been a link between some of the chemicals and issues like cancer through carbon black and pregnancy issues amongst others with parabens. Use of mascara too often can even lead to lash loss.

How easy to maintain? Eyelash Extensions Win

Mascara requires a lot of maintenance – even with correct application. You often need to use specific face creams, need blotting paper for your skin, and need to avoid tears! Eyelash extensions need very little maintenance, and allow you to go for a swim or cry as much as you need as they are waterproof!

How do they look? Eyelash Extensions Win

Mascara can look really great if done by a skilled person, or professional. But 90% of the time, as ladies we can often rush it or accidentally over apply. We can get quite clumpy looking eyelashes. Whereas, with eyelash extensions, one application and they are done for another 6 weeks.

Due to the different options, you can get a better shape of your curl very easily! It’s much easier to attain the natural look. It also greatly reduces your cause to use other makeup and help to highlight the beauty of your eyes.  They look the best if you take the right care of them from the get go. Absolute no brainer!

eyelash extensions vs mascara

Eyelashes are the most important tool to bring out your natural eye beauty

The Final Verdict

With all except the cost category – which was actually quite close, lash extensions cleaned house! They look better, they are easier to maintain, they are healthier, and are generally more convenient.

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